Music Ministry

Music is an integral part of our worship.  For music is a way the gospel is told, a way we draw nearer to God, a way we express our love and devotion to God,  and a way we share the song of God in our hearts. 

Music ministry at our Sunday 8:30 am service includes a Vocal Choir and a Handbell Choir, 

both led by our Director of Music. 

Come join us or contact our Director of Music for more information!

Vocal Choir

Our vocal choir offers anthems of praise and comfort during our 8:30 am and Unity worship services. We sing many styles from spirituals to Baroque to Classical to Gospel.  Each anthem draws on the Bible readings for the day, as another expression of the Word being shared. We sing as a 4-part choir, with sopranos carrying the melody and altos, tenors and basses providing the harmony.  While we sing our anthems from the front of the congregation, we sit in the pews during worship to accompany all as we raise a joyful song unto God. We practice Wednesday evenings at 7:15 pm. 

"When you sing, you pray twice."



Handbell Choir

Our handbell choir rings out joyful sounds with the use of handbells and chimes during all seasons of the church, including Christmas, Lent, and Easter. We play a variety of music, including patriotic songs for the Fourth of July.  

At TLC, you will see the handbell members wearing the color that represents the season of the church year—same as the altar banners. Color, like music, plays an important role in our worship.

We invite you to enjoy the handbell choir at our special musical performances.  We practice Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm.

Music Moment