Lenten Prayers

Lent is a time of reflection and prayer. Lent is 40 days that we spend thinking of the sacrifice of Jesus, and preparing ourselves, as we do every year, for the mystery of Easter. If we were perfect we would not need New Year's Resolutions every year or to make this commitment to prepare for Easter in this way. But we all fall short. In God there is always hope, not in perfection, but growing closer to Him, using His gifts in the world which He made. 

Lenten Prayer Calendar

This Prayer A Day Calendar is a tool to help you with your travels. It will take only a moment of each to say this prayer and share it with your family. If you would like to share your response to a certain day we ask you to post it on your Facebook page. Let the world know these next 40 days are important to you. "Like" a friends post if you see one with a prayer. We go together into the mystery of Easter. 

May your prayers fill your hearts and minds with Gods love.